Elle 18 Nail Pops 92 Review

By Rutuja Bhagwat - October 28, 2016

My mom and I had gone for Diwali shopping last weekend. I wanted to buy an eye cream and so we entered a cosmetics shop. You know how when we enter a cosmetics shop, we don't just buy one item, but multiple items. So, well, I got my hands on this. I loved the lime green colour and thought it was perfect for the ongoing October heat.
I'd never owned an Elle 18 nail polish until this one. I'd tried on my cousin's nail polish during Ganesh Chaturthi, and I'd wondered why my polish pouch does not have any from this brand. So here we go. Finally, getting a cute Elle 18 nail pop:

The packaging is cute with the pretty lady on its cap. As the bottle holds only 5ml, it's tiny. Overall, the packaging is something you would want to show off!

The consistency is thick and so application becomes a bit difficult. You will typically get those lines on nails while painting. Due to these ugly lines, the work seems unfinished. You will have to paint two to three coats for good nails.

The colour will remind you of summer. It will remind you of those heavenly aromatic skin creams or a lemon flavoured Virjin Mojito drink. The colour is sure to energize you.
The paint lasts effortlessly for 6 days, without a top or a base coat.

- Inexpensive
- Perfect summer shade
- Small, easy-to-carry bottle

- Consistency is average

There are fun colours in this brand. I think you should try them all!

PRICE: Rs. 50
FROM: Local beauty store

Have you tried any Elle 18 nail pop?

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