Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Lipstick Review & Swatches – Heartbreaker

by - July 19, 2019

I often go on dates and honestly, the classic red lipstick is my first pick on most outfits. There's just something about the colour red that brings out the oomph, multiplies the class and adds a complete look to any outfit. 

I did own many reds before and even now if you peek inside my vanity, you'll find two red lipsticks. One by Essence, which is moist and creamy, and the other one by Huda Beauty. On other occasions, it doesn't really matter to me how long-lasting the lipstick is. I am okay even if it comes out a little. However, on special occasions like dates, wedding ceremonies, events, etc. where finding time to visit the loo and adding a few touch-ups is difficult, I prefer a lipstick that stays for a long time. I hate it when you eat something and you get that ugly outline on your lips. It looks unflattering. I was hunting for a lipstick that stays even after you eat food and the Huda Beauty Heartbreaker, luckily, is the one that doesn't fade even a bit. 

On my 25th birthday, when my best friend asked me what makeup product I want, I shamelessly said I wanted a lipstick that doesn't flicker no matter what. She suggested Huda Beauty brand and I went crazy. I am someone who does not spend much on makeup. I spend about Rs 300 on lipstick and that's my budget! I've never bought a shade more expensive than my budget.

After my best friend suggested the brand, the first colour that hit me was red. Since I wear red the most on dates, I finalised it. I even wear nudes, maroons, browns, and pinks on dates but that's rare. So my best friend gifted the Huda Beauty Heartbreaker liquid matte lipstick and Makeup Revolution I Heart Revolution Dragon's Heart eyeshadow


Huda Beauty's packaging is something that catches the eye, so then no matter which line of product it is. The first look of this lipstick excited me and I couldn't wait to try it out! The consistency seemed fine and I secretly tried a swatch on my wrist and loved it. I feel like wearing this lipstick every day, it's that good! So how is the Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Lipstick in Heartbreaker shade? Read the review. 

Introducing Huda Beauty's latest lip beautifier: the Liquid Matte, an unrivalled take on the liquid lipstick. The tried and true comfort-wear formula from top beauty expert, Huda Kattan, is infused with antioxidants and an exclusive complex to help maintain the lips' hydration. The lightweight formula glides on a thin coat of colour that intensifies as it sets to a matte, transfer-free finish with amazing staying power. You might even forget you're wearing anything on your lips at all! Play with your look and combine colours to find your own, unique style. Pair it with a complementary Huda Beauty Lip Contour to set.

Like I mentioned earlier, Huda Beauty's packaging is always noteworthy. I loved the packaging of this lipstick, especially how it comes in a box. Most of the lipsticks I own are packaged in a fitted box but this one, since it's a luxury product, has a bulky box with plastic slide-on cap. I even loved how the lipstick is placed between the lips to show what shade one can expect.

Once you take off the lipstick from the box, you see an elegant translucent tube with the branding and a black cap. Also, simply adore the way 'Beauty' stands out with its pink shine. 

The applicator comes with a typical sponge tip. Personally, I did not require any additional lip pencil as this applicator was enough to give a nice, sharp outline. For some, such applicator might not be comfortable for defined lips, but personally, I did not find any issue. This product works great independently. And since it's long-lasting, you don't need other makeup tricks to make the product last longer. So even if you're packing for a trip, all you need to pack is one lipstick for red lips. 

The application is smooth, absolutely fuss-free. 

The consistency is thick and smooth. It'll take a few seconds for the lipstick to dry out completely, however, since the consistency is smooth, it's not going to be hard to handle. The consistency is not runny, so as to say, which is why the application, as said earlier, is hassle-free. 

The lipstick does not dry your lips. It's not heavy and makes long wear really comfortable. Even if you eat or drink, your lipstick won't come off. You can only notice a little discolouration near the inner corner of your lips. However, if you cleverly avoid a broad smile, even that would not be visible to people around you. 

  • Long-lasting
  • Doesn't dry lips
  • Doesn't fade after eating
  • Thick and smooth consistency
  • Travel-friendly
  • Nice packaging
  • Nice investment for occasions

  • Could be pricey for some
  • Available only at a few places

We all desperately look for a lipstick that doesn't fade on eating. I think the USP of this product would be its lasting power. I say if you have your wedding coming up and are planning to wear red lipstick, then buy this without a second thought. The shade is a nice red...not too bright, not too dark. It's the classic red shade you need to definitely have. 

I think so yes. And if I do, this would be my first expensive lipstick. Even if I want a shade other than the Heartbreaker, I would definitely go for one in this range as I simply loved the outcome of the product! 

PRICE: Rs 1,825
FROM: Nykaa

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