Makeup Revolution I Heart Revolution – Dragon's Heart Eyeshadow Review India

by - March 13, 2019

Makeup Revolution I Heart Revolution – Dragon's Heart Eyeshadow Review India swatches

Before I begin with this post, a BIG SHOUTOUT to my best friend Karthika for gifting me the I Heart Revolution: Dragon's Heart Eyeshadow Palette and the Huda Beauty Heartbreaker Liquid Matte Lipstick on my 25th birthday. I have never purchased any high-end makeup product so owning an I Heart Revolution (which is a subsidiary of Makeup Revolution) and Huda Beauty delighted me completely! I am someone who buys low to mid ranged makeup products and if somehow I get a high-end product, it obviously surprises me. 

I have many eyeshadow palettes as well as have used different liquid lipsticks, but the result I have achieved after using these expensive products is incredible. Stay tuned for the Huda liquid lipstick review and read on further to know the I Heart Revolution: Dragon's Heart Eyeshadow review. 

I Heart Revolution Dragon's Heart Eyeshadow Palette is a sizzling mix of 12 eyeshadows built into one palette. A selection of bronze, gold, red, pink, purple and burgundy hues, from everyday mattes and satin shades to shimmers perfect for those extra hot moments. Encased in fiery red packaging. Compact and light enough to carry on the go.


My first reaction after receiving the product was full of awe and happiness! The palette comes in a fiery red box with pigmented shades and smooth texture. The best part about it, I thought, was its creamy formula as opposed to the mid-range palette's powdery formula. I did not experience any sort of dusting while applying and this by far impressed me more if we talk about the practicality of the product. I also happened to love the fact that there is a black and a gold shade in the palette, the two of the shades I use the most! I did have black in the Lakme Absolute Illuminating eyeshadow silver palette but that was a lot powdered than expected. And the most exciting shade is the purple with green shine over it. That's the most magical shade in the entire palette and I can't wait to show it off! Apart from these few pointers, here's a detailed review of the I Heart Revolution Dragon's Heart Eyeshadow Palette. 

The first thing we notice on receiving the product is its packaging because that's what sets the product apart from the others. I loved the Dragon's Heart packaging in general and this eyeshadow palette is no different either. The fiery red with branding and product name really catch one's eye and the shiny texture adds to the appeal. I am impressed by its branding as it is neat as well as wild at the same time. 

The eyeshadow palette does not come with a mirror or a brush so that's some bad news for you. However, I'm sure its lasting power would be too good to require any sort of touchups. The individual shades do not have any name so it makes the distinction a little difficult. Overall, I give a 4/5 for its packaging. 

The shades are truly inspired by dragons with its reds, burgundies, golds, and purples. The looks achieved from this palette range from simple, everyday look to smokey eyes, and from sultry red to festive gold. The pigmentation overall is towards the higher side, except that it is incredibly amazing for black, gold, and both the purple shades. Also, a few shades are thicker than the others. Both the pigmentation and weight range from different shades but overall, nothing is disappointing. For a few shades, just one single stroke is more than enough whereas for a few – especially the off white colour – you require multiple strokes to achieve the best result. The off-white shade is slightly disappointing as no matter how many strokes you try, you feel like wanting more of the colour. That shade can be used best as the base. (I own a white eyeshadow shade from Maybelline Color Sensational Sapphire Blue palette and that's similar to it, only that it is pure white.)

The thicker shades are a little difficult to blend however they're beyond magical. The boldness and the sparkles can be viewed from any angle! To sum it up, the shades have won me over and are must-own in your vanity. 

  • Some shades like gold, black, and purple are highly pigmented! 
  • Different looks can be achieved using one palette
  • Smooth texture
  • Blends easily with other shades from this palette
  • Application is smooth and hassles free
  • Creamy formula

  • No mirror
  • No applicator/brush
  • A few shades are lesser pigmented than others
  • A few shades such as purple and burgundy are more or less similar looking. Though it is good for transition, the difference is minute. They should have added some other hue instead. 
Do not think twice before buying the Makeup Revolution I Heart Revolution – Dragon's Heart Eyeshadow palette. It is highly recommended! The palette could be slightly above your budget but you get 12 shades for a thousand rupees, which is really a superb deal. Keep an eye on discount sales for further reduction in prices! You must buy this palette as the shades are quite unique (especially the purple shiny ones) and take your look from dull to super wow. I'm sure I'll be using this palette for every occasion as it easily beats all the palettes I have ever owned. 

I can use it for a festive Indian look to go with my lehengas or a sultry red look to oomph up my outfit or a killer smokey eye on pub nights or even a simple daily look with its burgundy hues. 

The pigmentation is mindboggling, the shades are brilliant, the packaging is sexy, and even the price factor is acceptable. Definitely, buy this fiery Makeup Revolution I Heart Revolution – Dragon's Heart Eyeshadow palette!

  • WEIGHT: 12 x 0.75 g
  • PRICE: Rs 1005
  • FROM: Nykaa

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