In the Laps of Wildlife & Luxury – The Golden Tusk Resort at Jim Corbett National Park

by - March 06, 2019

I remember as a kid – being totally enthusiastic about wildlife – I always wished to go on a safari ride at the Corbett National Park in the jungles of Uttarakhand. I had heard of its name and then one day my best friend visited it. I wondered if I could ever go as far as Uttarakhand and ride on an open jeep to meet my wild animal friends. This was during school days and then I grew up. After joining college, stepping out of my comfort zone and visiting places outside Maharashtra, I knew the safari dream was not very far.

Came along one fine day when my parents suggested we should have a family trip soon. I was ecstatic. Having been travelling alone or with friends was not as cosy as travelling with family. Also, the last long trip we had been on together was to Dubai, way back in 2012. Since then, though we have ventured quite a few times outside Mumbai, the happiness and satisfaction of staying together and travelling for ten days were lacking on those short trips. We planned on visiting the two famous hill stations of Uttarakhand: Nainital and Mussoorie. To complete the itinerary, we added Rishikesh. However, the most exciting part of this trip was the one night stay at Jim Corbett. Since my brother and mom are equally into wildlife, they were thrilled as well.

We booked our stay at the luxurious and comfortable Golden Tusk Resort at Jim Corbett. I loved my time here so much that I am dedicating an entire blog post just appreciating it. Here's what I have to say about the Golden Tusk Resort:


Settled amidst 8 acres of greenery and on the banks of the serene River Dhela is The Golden Tusk Resort in Ramnagar town of Uttarakhand. Nestled quietly in the countryside of Ramnagar, the resort resides on the forest brims and is only a short drive away (about 5 minutes) from the Jhirna and Dhela Safari zones of the Corbett National Park. The Golden Tusk is one of the best Jim Corbett resorts that eases you from the everyday city chaos with its spa and recreational activities that help you reach a tranquil state of mind.


When we reached the gate of the resort, I could interpret how the entire property is going to be like. The resort name standing out in gold, I was still dreaming when the guards let us enter through the gates. We saw flying fox setup on one side, car parking on the other as we were on our way to the reception, still in our cab. 

The wooded reception at The Golden Tusk Resort, Jim Corbett

The reception blew my mind and my earlier interpretation of the lavishness of the resort was reassured. The reception desk had a fauna theme going around with butterflies and floral detailing. The area was vast and the men at the desk were professional. We filled a form, showed our identity proofs, and soon, the resort manager came to receive us. The level of hospitality and professionalism the man had, immediately conveyed to us that the resort is not an ordinary resort; it's a luxurious 4-star property being true to its definition. It's no doubt one of the best Jim Corbett 4 star hotels, I'd say! 

The Golden Tusk Resort brims with bountiful greenery | Source

Our luggage was taken to our rooms and we had a stroll from the reception to our rooms while the manager briefed us on the whereabouts of the resort. The instant reaction of my parents was of delight. They were extremely happy to stay at such a plush property. 

The walk from the reception to our suite was full of scenic views | Source

The way towards the rooms was absolutely picturesque with not one corner left unattended. Brimming with groomed shrubs and trees, our 2 hours journey from Nainital did not seem that tiring after seeing these views. 

Where we stayed at The Golden Tusk Resort – The Pool View Suite | Source


After a good 3-minute walk from the reception, amidst all the beautiful scenery, we reached a large pool – and that's where our rooms were! Since I was looking out for a room with a view, they suggested the pool view suite. We entered to see a large space with modern and lavish furnishing waiting to welcome us. I immediately let go of my backpack and rested on the bed! 

The Bedroom – The Pool View Suite | Source

The view from my room was stunning. We had two outdoor setups; one of it was private, that is, only the people staying in the room could have access to it (just like a balcony, only a little more reserved!). The second outdoor setup was common for the two rooms on the top. While the private balcony threw a view of the pool, the common outdoor setup displayed a vast field of wheat. 

The Bedroom – The Villa

My favourite suite – The Villa Grande | Source for right image

Not just our rooms, but I asked the manager to take me inside other rooms to subside my FOMO (fear of missing out) feeling. The rooms were incredibly lavish and the more I checked them out, the more I fell in love with the property. One particular room which I'd like to mention is the Villa Grande. It's exorbitantly gorgeous, especially the elongated pond that outlines it. If I ever return to Jim Corbett, I am sure to be staying in this villa.
Another interesting space was the Tiger room; I loved the large tiger-faced decor behind the bed's headboard!

The forested Luxury Tents

The Bedroom – Luxury Tent | Source

For those interested in camping but in a glamorous way can stay in their tent suites. These luxury tents are inside the periphery but offer a more forested experience. 

Vegetarian Tandoori Platter

Yummy in my tummy: Lemon Cheesecake


What do I say about the food and dining at the Golden Tusk Resort? Simply put, it's delicious and it's way more beautiful than you would imagine. The resort has its in-house bakery so you get to munch on fresh, fluffy bread every morning along with spongy deserts post every meal. The food is scrumptious, with the right balance of spices, cheesiness, and taste. I bet you would be confused about what to eat seeing their extravagant buffet menu. One suggestion though: try every dish on the table! The resort has a team of chefs and they even make fresh rotis for you! I'm sure you'll be wanting more and more. 

Buffet at their indoor dining

The most romantic way to dine – Water Dining at The Golden Tusk

The best part about this resort, according to me, is the special dining setup you can demand. Absolutely romantic and a must-do thing at this resort is to book yourself their water dining setup. It's beyond gorgeous where you dine at their pool! It's highly recommended in summers as you dip your lower half in the pool while you enjoy a meal of good food and champagne with your partner. At nights, they lit up the pool with flowers, leaves, and candles, and oh...I missed my special someone after seeing it! 

The sheltered outdoor seating; available on demand

In winters, you can opt for another private outdoor seating with a bonfire burning right next to you and the servers running to and fro to deliver the best service and the hot food. You get to experience sheltered dining next to the pool where you enjoy your meal and if lucky, get to hear the soft tunes of the guitar playing on the lawn of the property not very far.

Indoor dining

For families and friends, worry not, as they have three setups for you as well: the indoor, the outdoor, and the lawn dining. 


Some people visit the Golden Tusk Resort simply to luxuriate and relax, just like a staycation, whereas, some also have safari plans on their itinerary. The resort offers safari rides, and all you have to do is tell them in advance so that they reserve a jeep for you. The resort has its own line of open jeeps and an in-house naturalist who comes along with the driver to explain everything about the Corbett National Park. The safari starts at Rs 5000/jeep but I suggest you inquire beforehand. 

Before the safari began at 6:30 am. We were shivering with cold and fear.

Our safari ride was incredible and I clearly remember how anxious I was during the whole journey in the park. While my brother and dad joked all the way, my mom was seriously praying we do not spot a tiger. And alas! We did not spot a tiger. 

You can choose between the morning or the evening slot and people might dictate you about which slot or which zone is ideal for tiger-spotting, but guess what? It's based on sheer luck! A few had recommended the morning spot to me but we still could not spot a tiger. All we saw were pugmarks and scratches etched on the tree trunks. We did see deers and monkeys. Though we did not spot any carnivore, I enjoyed the experience. I am glad I booked the safari ride and took the leap after all. 

The Golden Flower Spa | Source


The list of activities is endless, you can say, as the motive behind this resort is to let people be engaged every second of their stay. Regardless of whether it is a soothing spa session or a dip in the pool, visitors can relax as well as indulge in an array of adventurous activities. A few of these are flying fox, wall climbing, ladder climbing and many more. For the sporty ones, there are a number of sports offered to you such as tennis, cycling, croquet, basketball, volleyball, and open squash. 

Spider climbing activity | Source

Additionally, if it suddenly gets chilly or starts pouring, then you have indoor games like chess, table tennis, carom, pool. There's a special area dedicated for kids where they can engage themselves on slides, swings, merry-go-round, see-saw, trampoline, and a lot more.

Live guitar session on the lawn

  • The distance between The Golden Tusk Resort and Nainital is 80.2 km. 
  • The distance between The Golden Tusk Resort and Ramnagar is 14.6 km.
  • The only way to reach the resort is by car or private taxi. 

  1. Book your safari ride beforehand to avoid disappointments. You'll be asked to submit a photocopy/scanned copy of your Aadhar card while safari booking.
  2. Make the most of your stay at The Golden Tusk Resort because it has many activities and facilities to offer. I missed out on the spa and was in rush in general since I stayed only for one night. 
  3. I suggest you stay for two nights to get the most of the resort. 
  4. On your safari ride, wear dark shades of clothing such as black, grey, navy blue, etc. Avoid reds, oranges, pinks, or any flashy colour. 


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