Stairway to Heaven – The Mussoorie Gateway Resort!

by - March 06, 2019

I believe it is unfair if you're visiting a beautiful place but not staying in a beautiful resort there. The hotel you stay at makes a huge difference to your overall travel experience, I believe. Therefore no matter your budget, always book the stays that promise you the best experience according to your own taste. For me personally, more than luxury, I always opt for the view from my window. Because that's where the whole game lies according to me. That's what  I am travelling for. I'm here for the rivers and the mountains and all these beautiful scenes right in front of my eyes.

How many times have you woken up at your home to see a breathtaking mountain view from your balcony? Well, the view from my window back in Mumbai is not very flattering and so I always look for stay options that guarantee a stunning view from my room. 

Our family trip to Uttarakhand last December included Nainital, Jim Corbett, Lansdowne, Rishikesh, and the Queen of Hills – Mussoorie. We ensured we got the best of the resorts at all places and just like those, we booked yet another picturesque resort – The Mussoorie Gateway Resort – which promised all its visitors a mindboggling view. Just seeing the pictures on their website, I was convinced to book two nights here.

The balcony throws a stunning view of green mountains and valley

Here's a recap of the scenes I saw and the experience I felt while staying at The Mussoorie Gateway Resort. 


The Mussoorie Gateway Resort is located at an unbelievable natural junction just 400 metres near the Mall Road in Mussoorie. With its in-house restaurant and pictorial dining, it's guaranteed that you'll enjoy your stay here. The private balconies provide with infinite mountain views as you sip coffee sitting with your loved ones. The resort provides a pickup-and-drop service to Mall Road, making it an easy stay experience for all.


We had rented a cab from Rishikesh for Mussoorie and after 77 km, finally reached its terraced parking. I would like to mention the Garhwali puppy we met in the parking area as she touched our souls. The hotel staff was kind enough to let her stay for a while as we played with her and tickled her belly. The staff escorted us downstairs to the reception and I immediately got vibes of having a lovely stay experience here. 

The entire property is outlined with picturesque bushes

While my dad filled the form and submitted our identity proofs, I was taking a look around. I was tired after jumping from one place to another, and Mussoorie being the last destination in our itinerary, I was exhausted. But the homely vibes at the reception eased me out. Towards our left was sheltered dining that was decorated with flowering plants and little shrubs. Just a few steps ahead, I saw two more dining areas that looked beautiful with garden umbrellas and little pebbles as the flooring. But what lied beyond all this intrigued me – a stunning view of mountains and valleys!

The rooms are wooded with private balconies | Source


The rooms – having names such as Daffodil and Mogra – range from exclusive premium club rooms to economy rooms and the best part is that every room has a private balcony that opens to stunning mountain and valley view. The beds are comfortable and the interior is cosy with branded toiletries provided. The furnishing is mostly wooden and emits a classic Mussoorie vibe.
You have a table and a couple of single sofas in the room to enjoy breakfast of parathas and spicy dinner on winter nights.

The indoor dining area has a buffet system and plants on all sides


There are three common dining areas that provide different experience individually. The indoor dining setup is more like sheltered dining with a buffet system. Here you can cherish the pretty hanging plants as you protect yourself from cold and rains. Right next to it, on climbing stairs, is one of the outdoor dining setups. It's floored with grey pebbles and is more for your breakfast and high tea than an actual meal. The garden umbrellas and the outlining of shrubs coupled with fresh Mussoorie air refresh you thoroughly. 

This outdoor dining area is perfect for sending urgent emails while you sip coffee alongside

The third outdoor dining setup is more beneficial for those living on the ground floor as you simply open your room door to land on this grey pebbled garden. Again, outlined with flowering shrubs and umbrella tables, this particular outdoor dining offers a fantastic mountain view. 

This outdoor dining enables you to dine with a view! | Source

What's even better is that you can ask for a candlelight dinner and make your nights more special and romantic. 

What I loved most of this resort is the view from my window, the tiny shrubs and flowers outlining the property, and the cosy timbered furnishing. It also showcases the British era with its architecture and round balconies. The pickup and drop service from Mall Road to the resort is brilliant as you can go to the market many times without worrying about booking a cab. You simply have to dial the reception to book your in-house car. 

In conclusion, if you're planning to visit Mussoorie, then the Mussoorie Gateway Resort should definitely be the stay option. It is also beautiful for honeymooners or couples as it provides a serene, romantic setting. 

The nearest airport and railway station is at Dehradun. From Dehradun, you can hire a private taxi for the Mussoorie Gateway Resort.

Happy to breathe fresh air and sniff pretty flowers at The Mussoorie Gateway Resort


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