Becoming a Foodie

by - July 31, 2015

Lately, I've been visiting so many restaurants and trying different dishes, that I'm sure I'm turning into a foodie. I just checked what the word 'foodie' meant, and the had to say the following:

"A 'foodie' is a person keenly interested in food, especially in eating or cooking."

Now exactly, I am not sure if I fit into the category of foodies; but if being a foodie also means having an interest to taste different dishes or try a new restaurant every time, then yes, I am a foodie.

Talking about the cooking part of the definition, I like innovating my own dishes, instead of following the traditional method. I usually add my own masala, spices, and the perfect amount of salt, in order to make my dishes taste yummy. But yes, if I don't know how to bake cookies, I would definitely need a recipe for that.

Coming back to the eating part, I eat lunch outdoors on every working day. I get so hungry until the lecture is over, that the little whales swimming inside me, start moaning. I have to have some foodstuff to hush those mischievous whales.

We have formed a group of around 14-15 people, in the college. We either eat in our college canteen, which has over 100 dishes in the menu, or go out and dine somewhere. Every time we think of eating outdoors (other than the college's canteen), we've tried some new restaurant.
I wholeheartedly like checking-in on Facebook, and every time I check-in, I feel tremendously happy. (My friends become happy, as they don't need to go through the long, pain-in-the-ass procedure in order to check-in, as they know, I always do it for them. Maybe it is my 3G network that's doing the trick!)

I've recently tried different flavoured bruschetta, skewers, pasta, sizzlers, pizzas, coffees, and many more yummy dishes! I'm so happy to try a different dish and a different restaurant every time; you have no idea!

Here are some of the food photographs I've clicked recently:

Are you a Foodie? x

PS. If you wish to know the names of the dishes and the restaurants, comment below.

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