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by - July 29, 2015

Lately, I've been spending my leisure time in reading the eBook namely 'Blogging for Dummies'. I wanted to know any tips the book had to offer. I would love any sort of tip related to blogging, which I don't know.

Anyway, reading an eBook has been fun. I've read around 173 pages of this book, and I feel like reading more. I read whenever I get time. I use my Asus Transformer Book T100 and HTC Desire 820 to read. Just today, my traveling partner was absent in college, and I had to pass the train journey myself. So I opened the reader and started to read further.

I'll share some features of the PDF Reader on my 8.1 laptop, and Acrobat Reader on my cellphone.

On my laptop...

This is the Screenshot of the current page I'm reading. The letters are quite big.

In the Reader, after long-pressing a particular word and dragging it, we can either Highlight, Add a note, or Copy.

This is how the highlighted line looks like.

You can add a note to a particular selected word/line/paragraph.

After right-clicking, you get these options. There's a 'Find' option, where you can search any word in the whole book.

In the 'More' option, you can see these options further.

After selecting the 'Bookmarks' option, these are the bookmarks that get displayed.

On my Cellphone...

This is how the screen looks like after opening the PDF File on Acrobat.

I changed the readability, and kept a reverse (white letters on black background) effect. I have zoomed in the book.

After tilting your cell, this is how the screen looks like. The letters become quite larger in the landscape mode than the portrait mode.

These are some options.

Just like we could highlight and copy in the PDF Reader, even in Acrobat, we have those options.

I wouldn't say reading on cellphone is really comfortable. I could read a page in the moving train today. So you could try as well; but reading on the tab is anytime easier. I wish both the readers had the option to increase the font size.

Which PDF readers do you use? x

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