Writer's Block?

by - July 16, 2015

Since few days, I don't know if you've noticed, but I am going through a writer's block. There's nothing happening in my life right now, which could be written down here. There are no projects, no assignments, no organization, and no fun stuff.

I am feeling like my life is becoming boring. I wasn't well for three days, and so I couldn't attend the college. That's why I'm feeling like nothing is interesting now.

I hope all the fun begins really soon, and I be back with a bang on the blog. There are few topics in my head, but I don't feel like expressing them in details here. I'm sorry for sounding so boring; but trust me; I'm struggling. I just can't move my fingers to press the keys on the keyboard. It sucks, you know.

You suggest me what should I write next; it would be quite entertaining! Comment below all the things you would want me to write about, and I'll try my best to write them.

Until then, goodnight! x

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