The Homemade Chocolates' Box

by - July 23, 2015

Few weeks back, in the evening, the bell rang and it was a girl with a box of handmade chocolates. She is my brother's acquaintance, and had approached him to buy her homemade chocolates. We purchased the box, and in case you want to know her name, mail me, or ask me on any of the social media platforms.

We didn't know the flavour was 'Hot and Spicy'. We opened the wrap, and the chocolate was white with chilli flakes. We were a bit disappointed as we were not aware of this flavour. My brother had chosen this, and we definitely were mad at him.

 Anyway, I loved the box.

If you guys make and sell homemade chocolates, you can purchase such boxes. It would make you look professional. The box really adds up. There are various cute boxes available in gift stores and stationary shops that have polka dots and little hearts; so do visit them. Also, putting in your contact details (or a visiting card) inside the box will do wonders!


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