DIY Page-Dividers & Tabs

by - July 20, 2015

Yesterday, randomly, I thought of making page-dividers and tabs for the new book I was using. I had purchased this book in 2012, from a mall in Dubai. I used this as a personal diary. I used around 30 pages and then stopped writing the diary. Now, I'm using it after 3 years, and I'm glad.

Yesterday, I was copying the notes from my rough book to this book. I don't like those paper page-dividers that we make, so I thought of using my creativity to make a different set of page-dividers, along with tabs!

Here's TPCG's guide to make your own page-dividers and tabs. Now no need of buying those ugly 6 subject notebooks! You can thank me later!

Things I used: 

  • Card Board (or a Book's Cover)
  • Notebook
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Tinted Sheet or Chart Paper
  • Pen and Marker
  • Pencil



Firstly, divide the book into subjects. If you know one professor gives lots of notes, leave more number of pages for that subject; if the professor hardly tells you to write anything, leave few pages for that subject. After dividing, mark with a small dot to indicate the divisions.

1. Take tinted sheets. Use light ones.

2. Fold the tinted sheets in half.
3. Cut on the fold. (We are going to require one A4 sized sheet to make two dividers.)

4. Take first half of the sheet. Draw a 2.7cm line on one of the longer ends.

5. Take a card board. (I took the cover of a book as a card board.) Draw a 1cm line on the far end.

6. Cut the strip.
(For the people using a book's cover as the card board: cut two strips of 1cm each and paste them on each other to make a thicker card board.)

7. Analyze how much space you would need to write the names of the subjects, and cut the card board strip accordingly. Start with the names of the last subject first.
8. Paste the stick on the line of the tinted sheet as shown in the picture above.
9. Fold the upper half of the sheet on the card board stick, and paste it.
10. Cut off the remaining area that doesn't have the card board. See the below picture to avoid confusions.

11. Paste the divider, with the good part facing you, for the last subject, on the page you've marked. See to it that you make the divider of the last subject first, as when you flip the divider, the side of the tab changes from left to right. So start with the last subject first; make the divider for the second subject, in the end.
(Please ask me if you didn't understand this point.)

12. Repeat the same procedure to make page-dividers for remaining subjects too. Don't forget to measure the length of the previous tab to avoid the overlapping.

13. Finally, write the names of the subjects on the tabs.

14. Stick half tinted sheet on the first page of the left hand side.
15. Write the name of the first subject here.

16. Write the names of the subjects on all the page dividers! For font styles, visit this page.

Which notebook are you using this sem? x

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