Organize Apps under Folders

by - July 03, 2015

I had my MACJ's orientation today. I came home at around 3:00, and then slept. After that, I got up, had tea, and now I'm writing blog.

These little folders in my cell's Menu have helped me to stay organized and get an easy access to any particular app without scrolling down. I made these folders a week back, and I'm loving the organization.

Here's a look inside my phone, and all the folders that it has:

I have divided the apps in these folders inside the menu. I am sure almost every smartphone today has options to rearrange the apps, or put them inside folders.

As you can see, some of the apps are outside the folders. These are all the apps I require the most, or have no category as such, or simply outside the folders for no apparent reason (like the Play Store, People, and Maps).

Anyway, here's a sneak-peak into all the apps inside each folder I've made:


Yes! I have so many apps; and no; my phone doesn't operate slowly.

Have you organized your apps under such folders? If yes, what are the categories? x

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