Preppy College Outfit

by - July 26, 2015

It was unbelievable that I wore chevron printed pants, that too, in college. I am not good at wearing differently-looking pants; I am much comfortable with the blue and black jeans. But this time when I wore the chevron leggings, along with a crop top, I was really surprised. I am loving how I am getting so confident after wearing such fancy outfits. They were never my cup of tea.

More than how surprised I was after wearing chevron printed pants, I was surprised to know this outfit consisted of cheap items, and not any expensive, branded clothes.

I wore this outfit to college on a day we were throwing a surprise cake party to two of our fellow mates. I asked my friend to get her DSLR camera and to shoot me; she loves clicking profiles, and I'm happy that she does.

So here is my outfit:

Handbag: Maroon
From: Chinese Online Store
Price: Rs. 700

Watch: Reebok
From: Gift
Price: Gift 

Leggings: Black and White Chevron
From: Street, Bandra
Price: Rs. 200

Bellies: Gold Chained Beige
From: Street store, Bandra
Price: Rs. 300

Crop Top: Forever 21
From: Forever 21 Showroom
Price: Rs. 400 (I guess)

Ring: Pink Gem
From: Chinese Online Store
Price: Rs.30

This is the final outfit! I was confident and I felt cute. I am definitely going to repeat it. x

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