First Assignment!

by - July 09, 2015

I'm so happy that after a year, I will get the chance of writing assignments and projects again. As the last year of BMM had the 75:25 system, we did not have projects. We were so used to getting our projects done (or not done) and then scoring extra in the projects, that the third year sucked. We wanted projects to support our marks, but the MU decided to screw us up in our last year. (Now the 60:40 system is back for current TYs!)

On our first lecture itself, our super hilarious (and my favourite until now) ma'am gave us a little assignment to do. We have to write a piece on 'India is the Greatest Country'. She gave it on Saturday, and we had to submit it on her next lecture, which is tomorrow.

I took up the A4 sized blank page I had torn from my old book to write the assignment. I know this assignment wasn't quite a serious one and that I could write in a book too, but as I had lot of such blank pages, I thought of writing there. But yes, I did not use the loose A4 sized ruled papers for writing, as they are only for those serious type of assignments.

I am excited to store in all the paperwork, assignments, and projects in folders. I'll write about the organization of them as soon as I write more assignments. So stay tuned! It is going to be fun.

That's it, guys. I am glad I finished writing the article in just 15 minutes or even lesser time. And more than that, I am glad I am done with it on time, that is, before the due date.

Have your lectures started? Have you been given assignments yet? x

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