TPCG Stickers!

by - July 18, 2015

I had purchased TPCG stickers, along with a new set of business cards, long time back. But as there was a mistake in the printing of the cards, I delayed talking about it on TPCG. It's been almost a month I haven't received new corrected set of the cards. It's annoying, as the website I did it from, was a good one, I thought. Anyway, I've waited for a seriously long time, and I have decided to use those cards, as they have a small (but ugly) printing error.

I am still waiting for their response, and hoping that I get a set of the corrected cards.

I held it for so long! Anyway, here's a sheet of my blog's own stickers! It feels great to have such stickers!

Currently, I've stuck them on my agenda and my laptop. I had stuck one on the back of my cell, but it got worn out, and turned white. I pasted another TPCG sticker, and same happened with it too. So I have decided to not put any stickers on my cell.
Apart from my own stuff, I have stuck stickers on my dad's and brother's laptops too. It feels so great! I'm more than excited to take my laptop and agenda to college, and literally show off!

Another main reason for printing these stickers is for the different giveaways and Thank You notes I'll be sending. These pretties would look great and add a personal touch to the goodies.

I have also given some to my best friend, Pournami. If you come across me, and want one, do let me know! I'll be more than glad to give it to you.

Lots of love, my pretty readers! Keep reading TPCG.

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