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by - July 12, 2015

I am so thankful to the My Sparkling Diary app. I saw its advertisement on Facebook and downloaded it to know what it was.

To my surprise, it was an app that let you save outfits on a calendar! I always wanted a way to know which outfit I was wearing to college. With this app, I can easily know which t-shirts I've worn, and which I haven't. It's a great way to avoid repeating your clothes.

Here are some of the features of this app:

I've saved it under the folder 'Personal' in my cell.

After clicking the icon of 'add event', this is how the screen looks like. We have to select a picture of the outfit or click it anew. Later, we need to select a category, and name that outfit.

Here are other options inside. I loved the 'compliments & critics' the most. I'm glad I've received a compliment on every outfit I've saved till now.
There's another 'how i felt'; in it, we can write all the details about how the outfit made us feel. We can change our style accordingly. For example, if I try a weird fitting t-shirt, and it drops down my confidence, I would know to never repeat this t-shirt or try something else with it, or never to buy t-shirts of that material or that size or that brand.
'who i met' is another interesting one; we might forget whom we met that day, and so it would be useful if you write the names here. If you've worn that outfit to college, you can write 'college' in that space, and not write a long list of all your classmates.

Lastly, just un-tick the 'Public' option. I don't want my pictures to be public, and so I do not select that option. Whereas, if you want them public, just click on 'Save' directly.

Once you click on 'Save', this is how the screen will look like. We can see all the outfits in the thumbnail format one below the other in this screen.

After clicking the Calendar icon, which is on the top right of the previous page, you'll get this screen. You can add multiple outfits on one day as well. You get an overview of all the days due to this calendar.

 There are some more features in this app, but I haven't discovered them yet.

How do you record outfits? x

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