How I Take Notes

by - July 21, 2015

After yesterday's DIY project, let's head back to the nerdy stuff. I see some classmates just nodding at what professors teach, and not write anything. I am not a person who writes down each word the professor says, because I'm too lazy to write; but I do mention about the important terms that they teach.

I usually don't take out the notebook if it's a new lecture; but when the professors say they want us to write stuff down, I do it anyway.

If you haven't read my yesterday's post about making page-dividers and tabs to turn a notebook into a subjects' notebook, click here.
So this semester, I'm using a notebook that is divided into four parts. As I have four compulsory subjects this semester, I'm going to need four parts. It's easier to carry one book for all the subjects (though the bag gets a lot heavier).
You can always write the incomplete notes for the days you've missed lectures by carrying one book for all the subjects.

I would recommend you to make such a page for all the terms from the subject. For example, I have left two pages for the Terms. Whenever the professor teaches any topic; say, Normative Theories, Hard News, Soft News, etc., I mention just the names of these topics on this page. I also write down those words the professors teach that are important, yet have only few lines as their explanation; for example, Mood Stories, Beats, 5 Ws, 1 H, etc.
I write only the names, and no explanation. This way, when I'm studying for the finals, apart from the notes given, I would also go through those terms. Knowing such technical terms is such an add-on for any answer.

I always write dates before writing down the day's notes. I like to box the date as it highlights from the notes; as sometimes, when I'm continuing from the middle of the page, I write the date in the middle. Therefore, to make the date stand out, I box it.

Then, when the professor dictates the notes, I take them down. I see to it that I use the most amount of short cuts I know, and skip words, without changing the meaning of the sentences. This doesn't mean I use the SMS language.

For the pointers, I put an asterisk mark to state that it's the heading. I typically underline the heading, or highlight it with a highlighter. I further use little dashes to write the pointers and then use numbers for the lists.

I don't leave much space while taking notes, but definitely leave one line after every topic.

Thank you!

How do you take notes?

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