DIY Notepad

by - July 24, 2015

My architect best friend is back with a DIY. I love how she makes something and then sends pictures to me. I like people who send me pictures to put on blog.

Here's a low cost DIY project. You can call it as a Best Out of Waste project too.

Things Required:

  • Blank Papers
  • Scissors
  • Wire or Ribbon
  • Ruler



 1. Take blank papers. I recommend using papers from your school-time notebooks.
2. You can either get the papers cut from press for Rs. 20, or cut them with a pair of scissors at home.
3. Align the papers and punch a hole on the upper left hand corner.
4. Tie a wire or a ribbon, passing through the hole. My friend has used a wire and it totally gives an added creative look to the notepad.
5. You can also wrap a fancy pen around the wire's end.

This project is so easy, yet we never tried it. Go ahead, and give it a shot!

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