Spice Gift Pack

by - July 27, 2015

I had clicked photos of this pack long time ago, but did not get the opportunity to post here. Last year, when I had been to Kerala, I had purchased this gift pack from one of the spices stores. I picked it up for my mom, or for myself thinking I would get interested in kitchen. 

I guess I purchased this pack for Rs. 200 or 300. I know it was expensive, but still, I bought a packet.

I remember this day when I was standing in the super long queue for the checkout, and the professors were waiting for us to get into the buses!

 Anyway, this is how the pack looks like.

These are all the contents it had.
 I'll just put close-up photos so that you can see the spices clearly. I'll also name them.






Nutmeg & Nagkesar


 Bay Leaves






Star Anise

Have you used any of the above spices in your recipes yet? x

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