Goals {July}

by - July 01, 2015

Hey! A totally new life is going to begin this July. Starting my MACJ course from this month in South Mumbai (or SoBo as they call it,) is going to be thrilling. Therefore, obviously, my July goals will revolve around this new life.

Shopping for Monsoon ~ I have to buy more clothes, and especially more pair of shoes. They could be gum boots or any footwear having the material that would be compatible with the wet season. Here is a list of the things I want to buy: Jeggings or Pants, Shoes, T-Shirts, and Cardigans.

New Goals ~ As it is going to be a new life, I must have new set of goals, and a new and innovative way to accomplish them.

New Friends ~ I will try my best to make friends in the first week of the college's reopening itself. I don't want to be an unsocial animal in this PG course.

Hard Work ~ A post graduate degree undoubtedly means more hardwork. The matter might not be spoon-fed, and so, just like we did in our BMM, we will need to work hard. Also, as I will be traveling from one of the suburbs of Mumbai to the main Mumbai, it's going to involve a lot of hard work. I like to travel where there is no rush, no crowd, and no heat. Mumbai locals are nowhere near to that, and so I must be prepared.

More Seriousness ~ I will have to bring in more seriousness. Earlier, going late to classes was a bit acceptable, but now I must get up early, have a proper breakfast, see that my hair are gorgeous, and walk towards the station for the train. I must reach on time, and be punctual in starting the projects and assignments.

Internship (if needed) ~ If I still have energy left in me by the end of the lectures, I will join a company as an intern. I will record how the things are going in the first month of college, and then will apply if I pass the observations. But I am happy as I would no longer have to worry about traveling to another city for internships. I might also consider a part-time job. It all depends on my observations.

What are your goals for the month? x

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