In Search of Notebooks

by - July 13, 2015

Hey! So finally I need new books for this academic year. There are pretty great books online, but the prices are a bit over the board. I can buy a book that has great design, more number of pages, and still is selling for around Rs. 250. I got one online, but after adding the shipping charges, its cost rose up to Rs. 243, which wasn't acceptable to me (as the original cost of that notebook was Rs. 196!).

So here I am, still searching for good books. I was online since 6:00, and after searching for 3 hours, I still couldn't find one.

Anyway, meanwhile, I have started using my agenda for organizing college tasks, and I'm excited to show its working to you guys! Stay tuned for the posts on my pretty agenda. I'm beyond happy to take it to college tomorrow and write down little tasks given by the professors.

So yes, if you guys know books that are really great, please, please let me know.

Lots of love.

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