Nutrition Bars

by - July 11, 2015

Hey! I'm indulging into the Nutrition Bars in the place of lunchboxes, lately. I carry one pack of it, which has two bars in it, and eat whenever I feel hungry or out of energy. It is easier to carry them around in the bag, and eat whenever you feel like.

Do not mistaken the Protein Bars to be the Nutrition ones; the Protein Bars are very expensive and are meant for the bodybuilders and the sportsmen. For trial, my dad bought a loose pack (which had only one thick bar), and it turned out to be so heavy for the stomach, and so full of heat, that I felt my body was numb. But yes, you can go for the Granola or the Energy Bars.

There's a slight chance of getting these bars online and offline, and if you get them, then congrats!

I was searching for these bars as I thought the American online shopping sites would definitely have them, and I would order. But after searching for hours, I came across the site I was taken aback seeing the prices. I immediately dug into the site and started showing all the options to my parents.

However, when I entered my pincode, they said the area wasn't reachable and that they didn't deliver to this area. I was wondering how they didn't deliver an area with such a prominent pincode. Therefore, I went through their store locator and found the store nearest to my house.

Before stepping out of the house, I called their store to ensure they had these bars; else, my visit would have been a useless one. Later, I left for their store. In the end, I bought three packets of bars, which had 6x2 bars each, and a packet of muesli for breakfast.

Above are the packs of the bars I purchased.

I loved the taste of all the three, and recommend you all to try them out. These are for Rs. 270 and less.

Have you tried Nutrition Bars?

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