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by - July 28, 2015

 I had purchased this laptop sleeve as soon as I'd got my results for MACJ. I knew I would be carrying my laptop (or just the tab) to college, and I would need a case to keep it safe. Though this one is not hard and wouldn't protect the laptop much; but at least the screen would be scratch-free, and apart from that, I would have to carry it cautiously.

 I purchased it online from for Rs. 849. I thought it was a good deal, as I've seen cases that are costlier than this.

The brand is Amzer and the size is 10.5. My laptop's size is 10.1, and so this case is a bit larger.


 It fits my laptop and tab pretty nicely, though there's a 0.4 inches gap on top of the sleeve. In case you don't know which convertible laptop I own, you may want to read this post.)
(Liked the TPCG stickers? You can check its post out.)

Plus, the sleeve looks so classy while reading on my tab. (A post on eReading is coming soon.)

Here are some of my favourite picks, compiled just for you:











How do you carry laptop/tablet?

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