Monsoon Wardrobe Essentials

by - July 02, 2015

Hey guys! This post is written exclusively for There is a Blogging Contest, and so for that, this is my entry. I wanted to write something on the monsoon products, and I'm glad how I got the opportunity to write one, before I had even scheduled it.

Anyway, here's a list of monsoon must-haves:

PRICE: Rs. 899
Striped t-shirts would always be in trend, come what may. They are casual, classy, and stunning. Add a navy blue or black coloured umbrella, along with a pair of cute red bellies to complete the look.

PRICE: Rs. 949
If you live in one of those parts of India where the temperature falls down in monsoon, you cannot help but wear warmer set of clothes. Here's a cute, bright coloured cardigan to keep you stylish and yet feel totally comfortable and warm. Bring in some hot coffee, please!

PRICE: Rs. 1,299
This one is a really chic and flirty top for a lunch date with your boyfriend, or just for catching up a movie with you girlfriends!

PRICE: Rs. 2,099
If you worry that your regular jeans might get wet due to the rains, it's time to buy a new one. This cropped denim is just the right pick for monsoon, as you get to wear jeans, plus you would also remain dry throughout!

PRICE: Rs. 599
These cute light blue shorts are just what you need in the rainy days. Wear a cute sleeveless flowy top, and you'll just rock the outfit!

PRICE: Rs. 599
If you're fed up of your black shorts, it's time to add these in your wardrobe. Such striped shorts look great for casual day-outs as well as formal meetings.

PRICE: Rs.1,299
Add a bright touch of colour in your closet. These plain coloured ballerinas would brighten up any outfit. Wear a t-shirt or a tunic, and you're all set.

PRICE: Rs. 1,099
If you wish to wear black coloured sandals, but still want a splash of colours, these are a great pick. They make you want to have fun in the rains and experiment with different colours of the nature!

PRICE: Rs. 299
I am sure gonna buy these! They are so amazing, and just for Rs. 299! The fact that they have a bow, is just the cherry on top of the cake.

PRICE: Rs. 299
In my monsoon essentials, I would always recommend carrying hair ties in your bags. If you want pretty looking hair ties, buy these. You get a set of four hair ties for just for Rs. 299. What a deal!

PRICE: Rs. 300
If you're planning to wear flip flops or shorts, anklets would totally bring a charm in your outfits. There are million more choices available, but this one is the best amongst them, I feel.

PRICE: Rs. 299
Keep this band in your bag and use it whenever your bangs are irritating you. Plus, how gorgeous is the design on it?

PRICE: Rs. 250
Use this oil to rejuvenate your body once in a while. Use it for treating your feet especially, as they are tired and ugly due to rains. Give yourself a pedicure and just relax on a perfect Sunday afternoon.

PRICE: Rs. 399
There are around eight shades in this. However, this one is simply the best. Check out other shades, and choose your favourite!

PRICE: Rs. 150
Is it just me, or does everybody suffer with hair fall in monsoon? If the case is same with you, I'm sure you wouldn't mind trying out this product to keep your hair healthy and hair-fall free.

That sums up the list, guys. Do let me know if you use any other products in this season. x

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