Social Media Buttons Added

by - July 22, 2015

I'm so delighted after adding these cute babies on my blog. I've been figuring out a way all my life, and got one, at last. I edited the blog's layout, and added some cute buttons that matched the blog's theme.

I loved their colour and the fact that they're round in shape. I didn't want them to have their original colours; for example, blue for Facebook and Twitter, Red for Pinterest, and Orange for RSS. I'm pretty happy with the way my icons have turned out.

Next, I would add an About Me picture below this. I will design it today, if at all I'm free after this. (I'm cooking Achaari Bhindi for dinner tonight!)

The screen looks like this after the addition, for those who read my blog on the mobile version. Do visit the blog in the web version to witness this change. If you don't know where the option to switch is, the below picture shall help you.

Just click on the 'View web version' to direct yourself to the desktop mode.

I'm glad these buttons take you to my social media handles. Though I'm on many other platforms other than these, I've added only few buttons, which I thought were important. Do click on the buttons and follow me. See ya there!

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