Products I'm Using {July}

by - July 05, 2015

Hey! These are the products I'm using this month:

Votre Pore Shrink Toner
I have big facial pores, and so when I had gone Kolhapur, my beautician aunt suggested me to use this toner. At first, I wondered if I should buy this overpriced product, but when I tried it, I loved it, and so I immediately changed my mind. I will write a review, so tuned.
PRICE: Rs. 360

Gillette Satin Care Shave Cream
I wanted to use the Venus razor, and so when I was reading comments on its Facebook photo, I learnt that there are shaving creams available easily in India too. So that's when I purchased this. I might write a review on this along with the Venus razor. But in case I don't, let me tell you this: buy the shaving cream; it is beyond lovely.
PRICE: Rs. 225

Nike Woman Trendy Deodorant
I wanted to use a women's deodorant this time, and so abandoned the men's ones, and purchased one by Nike. As this bottle's nose was locked, I couldn't test it.
The smell is pretty sweet, and I'm never going to buy the Trendy fragrance again.
PRICE: Rs. 250
Layer's Wottagirl! Body Splash
I had decided the budget before buying a body mist/splash. I wanted to buy the Streax one, but they did not have it. So I settled with this one, as they said it was for Rs. 190. But when I went to pay the bill, it was Rs. , and I was so frustrated. I would've bought the Nike body mists.
PRICE: Rs. 225

Gillette Venus Razor
I am a little bit not satisfied with it. I got few cuts due to it. Though the application is smooth, the blades might be harsher than I thought.
PRICE: Rs. 199

Which are you using? x

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