Short Tip #4 Taking Care of Jeans

by - October 20, 2013

You love your jeans, but do you know how to take care of it, properly?

  1. Don't be too harsh on it. I know your jeans is super rough and tough, and nothing's gonna happen to it. But, who knows? Be gentle with it. Even Levi's jeans are delicate. (I accidentally trip over a luggage in train, and my jeans tore near my knees. And yes, it was Levi's!) So see to it that you don't use it anyhow.
  2. Turn it inside out, before throwing it in washing-machine.
  3. Use your torn jeans, as fashion! (It's in trend, anyway!)
  4. Before altering, DO NOT wash it. As washing makes it shrink, you might end up cutting shorter.
  5. If you wish to iron your jeans, it's a great idea. The fabric softens on ironing. However, more ironing will only lead to the loss of colour.
  6. Washing jeans at a regular basis, keeps it clean. But, it should not be washed heavily, or frequently, as it shrinks, plus the material also worsens. Even the jeans can get a wash (that is, a tone lighter). 

Tips for jeans! What are yours? 

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