Perfume-Cases and their Uses

by - October 11, 2013

I have this amazing perfume by Versace, which my brother got from UK. He bought it for my parents, actually. So one of them is for my mom, and the other for my dad. Along with the perfumes, came the cases too. So the next thought was, what to do with these cases (apart from carrying them with the perfumes while travelling).

I originally use it to put all the combs inside. As these combs were on the rack, it looked shabby. So, I don't know how the idea struck, but it just did, and I kept them inside.

ONE // For Combs
This case is perfect for combs to fit in, provided that they are thin.

TWO // For Stationary
You can use the cases to keep worktop supplies and stationary items. But the only condition is that the supplies should be long enough. If you don't have pencil-holders with you, you can the cases as one.

THREE // For Toothbrushes
Okay, I know the brushes look gross; some of them are too old, and others are mysterious. You can keep your brushes and toothpaste inside these cases.  If you're one of those having a different room, with an attached wash-basin, you might require a separate brush-holder of your own. And if you think that buying a brush-holder is an unnecessary expense, you can use this case.

FOUR // For Knives and Spoons
Another use can be for kitchen. You can use the case as a holder for knives, spoons and forks. If you are a newly-wed, and yet to keep the stuff on their places, you can use this simple method to stash away your kitchen supplies.

P.S. We can use other cases, like the ones we get with colour-pencils, too.

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