How to Follow a Blog on Blogger

by - October 02, 2013

So here's this big question, how to follow a blog? Starting about it, let me make it clear, following on Google+ does not mean following a Blog. Steps that will help you to follow a Blog-

1. Go on a Blog that you want to follow.

2. 'Join This Site' |  Click on this button in order to follow. 

3. A window pops up | After the window pops up, saying 'Follow The Pretty City Girl', sign in using any of the existing accounts. Fill up your details, and there you go!

Now, you know how to follow a blog? Some blogs have this option, where as others don't have. You can follow on Google+, Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook. But following a Blog, has the steps above.

Besta' luck.

Have any query? Feel free to ask. 

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