Six Subject Notebook

by - October 28, 2013

I started using a Six Subject Notebook since my 11th Grade! It wasn't a fad, then! But later, as the years passed on, girls started buying these notebooks, which made me, one of them (or them like me, whatever). And I like being Unique (that must be the reason why I select t-shirts from the men's section!)
After almost every girl started having such books, I decided to discontinue my love towards them. And I started maintaining ONE book for all the 6 subjects that I had.

Oh! I just remembered a sweet memory from my 12th Grade. Me and my two bench partners had similar 6 subject notebooks. Mine was Pink, Shraddha's was a red, and Nishka's a light green. So we kept nicknames to each other (and to the notebooks) like Strawberry, Apple and Mishti, respectively. Our books used to be neatly decorated and written in beautiful handwriting (and of course, with complete notes!) Life was fun, then.

Now, every girl has such book. But I can't use a single subject book for 6 subjects, anymore. I used it for a year, and I'm not favoring it, now! THAT'S IT.
Single subject book is a heck of a task during exams. I had to turn pages to find that particular subject, which I have an exam on. My mom used to yell at me for turning pages so loudly and ask, "Are you just turning pages, or studying too?"

I loved a Single subject book for my First and Second semester, but hated it since my Third semester began.

So finally, I made it a point: Purchase a 6 subject notebook, no matter how common it is.

I found this book with Shrenika, my classmate, and fell in love with it. I asked her immediately about the store she purchased it from (though the professor was in the class and had seen me whispering). She named it, however I was too stupid to think that I might get a better book than this.
I searched stores after stores, roam wildly in malls, still couldn't find a great 6 subject notebook.
So finally I came to the conclusion that, my FIRST LOVE was the only option left, and I must buy it, before any other girl does.

Today, the lecture got cancelled, so happily I headed towards the store, and found this gorgeous book.
The leopard print, with a Pink on it, is something no girl can resist. The book is from Sundaram, a local books manufacturing company.

The best thing about it is that it costs just Rs 99. YES!
The subject partitions are in baby pink, which gives the book a cuter look.

And there are 300 pages in total.

Things to look before buying a 6 subject notebook:

  1. Cover page
  2. Prize
  3. Pages
  4. Partition Design/Colour 
This book is a winner for all of the above specifications. How fortunate I am! 


Do you use 6 subject notebooks? Where do you buy them from? 

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