Secret Box

by - October 03, 2013

Do you have those steel boxes from your mother's childhood? I have one of them, and I feel so lucky. These boxes were carried to schools in that period. And I'm glad, my mom saved it (for me, ha!)
I always wanted something to put my secrets inside. Something safe, and secure. And then I saw this box, at my grandfather's place. He had two of them-one he used for his bank work, and the second one was just lying in a nook of his cupboard. I asked him if he had a spare one, and he said yes. I was delighted! I was a kid, then. But secrets...they were always there! My grandpa knew, how I loved these things. So he gave me a box (this belonged to my mother)!
I was stunned to see such a box, and the fact that children during my parents' childhood, carried such boxes to keep their books! WOW. And the box was still good, after say, 30 years? The quality in those days was brilliant, I must say.

So, a peek inside? Of course!

I am relieved as this box has an area for the lock. I put two locks to it (for more security). My parents know my secrets. But still, as a token from my grandpa, and something that I cherished in childhood, it can't be simply taken away from me.

These are the locks, with the keys. I love the heart shaped lock the most. I got it along with a diary, which I don't use anymore.

I had extra Hello Kitty stickers with 'I KISS YOU' and 'I LOVE YOU' cheaply written on them. I didn't want to throw these stickers away, so stuck them on this box. The skull with a bow you see, is the one I liked, when I loved Avril Lavigne. It resembles a lot to her skull from The Best Damn Thing album (I don't like her, now).

I have a bad habit of writing my name everywhere. Ha ha, and the gold-fish? Well, it was already there. As it is vintage, I didn't try to remove it. This is how the flap looks after opening the box.

Now, what's in?

Slam Books! Those childhood memories, and long list of your crushes just flashed before your eyes, didn't they? These slam books contain some explicit material, and so I keep them inside. I have couple of more, but they're safe to be out.

My very special personal diary, of the year 2011, I suppose. I bought it from Lulu Centre, Abu Dhabi. I fell in love with the first sight, so I put it in the cart, immediately! But the diary was not filled much by the happenings, so I tore away the pages (and safely stapled them together), and gonna use it as my rough book to college.

I loved the design on it, the most.

This pretty pouch was gifted to me by my college best friends on my birthday. And I use it to store the chits of my school best friends. Passing chits used to be fun back then. We used to fight through chits. And now when we sit and read all these fights, we laugh on ourselves, and mock on how stupid we were, and how we used 'moi' instead of 'my'.

There is other stuff too, like greeting cards, gifts, photos, petty but important, things inside. Every girl should have such a box, because we have so many secrets to keep.

TIP: You can use one of those Makeup boxes/Jewellery boxes or those small steel cases that we get in stores.


What method do you use to keep your secrets? Something similar?

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