Best Buy(s) // October

by - October 31, 2013

A new kind of post: Best Buy/Buys, updated monthly.

I don't shop much, especially not the clothes. It's always during Diwali or Ganpati, and when the Flat-40%s or Flat-50%s hit the malls, not otherwise.

I'm kind of happy with stationery shopping, chocolate-cookies shopping, or sometimes, a shampoo or a face-wash shopping.

Best-buys can be those which I get in less price, and make me happy 10 times more! So here's a list, or maybe just ONE product of the month- October.

Clean and Clear Face-wash 
I don't use or carry face-wash to college or anywhere out. But since I've got this cute little face-wash bottle of Clean and Clear, I started carrying one to college, too (but never have used it). The price is Rs. 15 for a 20 ml bottle. Now I don't know if it is too much, or too less, but I always wanted a little bottle, to carry everywhere. The other fragrances of Clean and Clear are for Rs. 20, but I use this particular fragrance, only. My beautician Aunt had suggested me this one for my sort-of oily skin. I keep it inside a reddish-pink bubble-packet, in case the leakage happens. I got this packet from a USB modem I purchased for my TV, few days back. 

Anarkali Dress // (The picture is coming soon
This dress that happens to be one of the reasons for my happiness of October, is really getting a prestigious place in my Best Buy(s) list. It is a gorgeous parrot green dress with dark blue traditional work on it. I got it for Rs. 1,800 after discount. As my granny passed away a month back, we will not be celebrating Diwali this year. So, just for my First-Day-at-RMR's sake, I bought an Anarkali. My budget was Rs. 2000 and/or less, which was very tough to get, these days, as Anarkali is the dress for all the young ladies in India. That's the trend. 

I know, I've been totally obsessed with it. Right from a special post and the Lovable-things of the Best Buy(s), yes, please. I got an almost-long notebook, with amazing cover page, and amazing baby-pink partitions for just Rs. 99! Other books are for Rs 125, or more (with extremely ugly cover pages). 

What are your Best Buys of October '13?

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