Tips for Staying Alone at Home

by - October 09, 2013

After 19 years, it was the first time my parents were leaving me home alone. Parents had gone out of town for my granny's rituals. I did not have 'fun' things to do, as my exams were on. I just had time to have fun, in the daylight, because as the darkness approached, I had books to study, and notes to make. After realizing how perfectly the days passed by, I knew I could be a pro in handling myself all alone.

First thing is jotting down those things that your mother tells you while she's leaving.  We often are so much excited and making plans in our heads, that we hardly pay attention to the caring words of them.

Sticking stick-note and writing your mom's list near your worktop, or a place where you mostly are, in your house.

Setting up alarms are must. Since I had to get up early for exams, I needed alarm THE MOST. You can even put alarms as reminders. My mom had asked me to water the plants at around 5. So I put a reminder/alarm. This helped me a lot. My mom had given me this trick before leaving.

Ask any of my friends about the relation between me and a Swiss knife, I bet they'll laugh their heads off. I had carried two Swiss knives on my first year's Industrial Visit. I used it everywhere-for defence, to cut packets. So keeping a Swiss knife closer to you will come handy, some time or the other, sooner or later. This time, I had kept a normal kitchen knife, along with a deodorant (instead of a pepper-spray) near my main door. So every time the bell rang, I just kept my mind towards these two things. So that I could use them for my defence, without much delay. I kept my mind alert.

Other tips can be in this way-

  1. Always tell an elder relative staying closer to your house, about your loneliness.
  2. Stock up your food supply.
  3. See to it that you don't keep the door open after your friends come in. 
  4. Don't unnecessarily have a chat with your neighbours. 
  5. Trust no one (specially the men). 
  6. Keep your house clean.

What things will you add in this list?

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