Short Tip #5 U-Pins

by - October 23, 2013

I never knew u-pins could be so great. What did I do, since like 15 years? I bought a box of u-pins, just a  month back, and I'm finding its weird uses, already!

I'm seriously loving this multi-coloured box of u-pins. It can be a tip: Always buy the multi-coloured box, and not the boring grey one. 

Apart from using u-pins to club the papers together, they can be used in a different way, which I discovered, few days back, while cleaning my closet.

U-pins can be used on hangers. I've got two-three deep neck t-shirts/tunics. So while I hang them on hangers, their sleeves slip down. So I thought hard, as in what could be the solution for it. And I don't know, but u-pins just struck my head. 

(A closer look) See to it that the hanger is a thinner one, else the pin might not stretch to a thick hanger's arms. You can use similar coloured u-pins on both the sleeves to, you know, make your silly, yet useful task, interesting. 

Another example of the same trick //

I have used green coloured pins here.

Care should be taken while attaching the u-pin, as if the cloth is delicate, it might tear. 

Do you have any other use of u-pins?

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