Black and White

by - October 10, 2013

These two beautiful colors, look even more beautiful after teaming up together.

It is one of the most decent color combinations that you will see anywhere.


  1. Black Heels | Black heels look so stunning. They somehow remind us of the school uniform shoes that we wore. 
  2. Aviators | Took right from my display picture, Aviators are a must in every person's wardrobe. 
  3. Nails | I have been painting only black color on my nails since 7th grade. I don't know when I will convince myself that others colors would suit on me as well. 
  4. Kohl | Black dark kohl is a must for every season (not much for summer, I know, but whatever it is, I apply it every day).
  5. Little Black Dress | Not a frequent-party-goer, but if I was, I would've definitely had more LBDs than other types. 
  6. Leather Jacket | Ah leather jackets are soo cool, I mean warm! They're stylish, cool, and perfect for my personality.
  7. Ponytail Holders | Black ponytail holders look decent. Plus they suit any colored t-shirt/dress. 
  8. Bags | Let them be leather, plastic or cotton bags, black color is necessary.
  9. Black hair | I have loved the black colored hair of Asians (Mongolians) since forever. They have jet black and straight hair. Definitely looks very cute! 
  10. Canvas Shoes | No winter goes without wearing canvas shoes (Cannys as I call them). They look super cool. I had once paired up my green dress with black cannys from Converse. The look was inspired by Avril Lavigne. 
  11. And finally, the main thing on which my black-obsession is based on- METAL. I started listening to Rock and Metal songs since 7th. My looks varied since then. 


  1. Cotton Bags | White cotton bags are a must for marketing and shopping. They look so chic.
  2. Flowers | Not much a floral girl, but love to see these flowers in films, or pictures. They are an essence of a girly world. 
  3. Furniture | Furniture in white, coupled with a royal look, is what I'm craving for. I would design my next room in similar pattern. 
  4. Plain t-shirts | Plain white t-shirts are so much in, specially in summers. They go great with blue jeans, with a fade. And you can just add up any color to make the outfit look good. 
  5. Pigeons | Not the I-love-peace kind of a girl, but white pigeons resemble royalty along with peace. They are beautiful.
  6. Sports shoes | White sports shoes look so much sportier than other colors (except that they get a yellow tinge, later). 


  1. Polka Dots
  2. Checks
  3. Black and White filter
  4. Zebra
  5. Black trousers and white shirt
  6. Chess
  7. Classic movies
  8. Old photographs
  9. Piano
  10. Dice
  11. White tiger with black stripes
  12. Black and White stripes

What things are favorite for you among the things I have mentioned? Also, do you like the B/W duo?

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