Cleaning my Drawer

by - October 08, 2013

After posting some of the pictures on Instagram yesterday, finally can talk about cleaning the drawers. We all have that drawer, which has so many unwanted yet, I-can't-throw-away-things. My this drawer, though is a good one, has many unwanted things. But I simply don't wanna throw them away. Cleaning a drawer, here's what you must do, very simply-

The first thing I did was, arranged stuff as and when I removed them from the drawer, one by one. I arranged them in two sides- left being the inside-drawer things, and right side being those-things-that-should-not-be-the-part-of-the-drawer things.. This segregation definitely made the things easier. 

I made different sections for similar things. 


ONE // The makeup that I use once in a year.
I kept all the similar things related to makeup near each other. That way I knew how much I have it, and how much space should be given to it. 

TWO // Random things.
Those clueless things that you don't wanna throw away, and don't know why they even exist. Stash these things together.

THREE // Hairbands 
I have about 15 hairbands at home. But finding them together, is not really possible. So whatever colors I got, I kept them together. 

FOUR // Receipts and papers.
These receipts, warranty cards, old ID cards, etc., I've piled up together. You never know when you would need them.

FIVE // Necklaces
If you're an Indian, sure you will have loads of them. I don't pretty much like necklaces. Almost 70% of these are gifted to me. 

SIX // Earrings and other little stuff.
Who knew I would use one of my little boxes to store earrings too? I have kept earrings, pendants, saree-clips, etc., inside the box.


ONE // Rubbish...throw it away.
In the right hand side, which was out-of-the-drawer side, finally kept aside the junk stuff-all the things  that you wanna throw away, and the makeup that has passed the expiry date. 

TWO // Move-them-away things. 
All those things that have a different place, other than this drawer, are kept aside by me (bangles on a bangle-rod, photos in a pouch, clips on calendar, etc.).

Place these things inside the drawer, according to the importance and frequent usage.

FINALLY, add some fun to the drawer. How about putting little balls and ribbons, inside? 

Actually, I had a packet of these thermocol balls, and the packet accidentally tore off, thus spilling these balls everywhere. Since then they reside in my drawer. But, they do look good, don't they?

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