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by - October 27, 2013

I shared one of my secrets on how I manage my blog, or publicize it, back then. So I just thought of getting deeper into this, and show you a peek inside my books that I use exclusively for my blog.


I've become obsessed with planners. Though I don't use one for my personal use this year, but there's surely a new planner coming for the next one! And I'm so much excited to share it with you guys. 
This brown coloured classy planner that you see, was given to my father as a complimentary from his company, in 2011. And I use this as my planner of 2013! This task was a bit tough, but at least I got a classy wooden-styled planner. 

I used some of my Visiting Cards to write BLOG PLANNER on the book. I've got the habit of underlining important topics or important words, and I inherited it from my grandfather!

Month of October 2013. All I did to change the 2011 to 2013 was overwrite 2011 with 2013 and changing the days! 
I write the next day's posts to be written. The reason why there is lot of chaos is because I used this book as my doodle-filled-time-pass book. 


I just used a plain beige coloured notebook as my Blog Book. I write the post's name and where it is publicized (i.e. on various social networks), in it. I do this just to keep a record for myself. 

There are just 32 posts written here, however the blog has more than 85 posts. I made this book too late. 

And, a perfect place to keep these books. near my computer!

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