Things that I Loved throughout // October

by - October 30, 2013

October slipped really very fast. I hardly could get a chance to jot down the things I really loved in this month. October is almost over, so here's my most favorite post: Writing about all those lovey-dovey things of this month.

  1. Instagram/6 Tag | With the discovery of an app called 6 Tag on my Lumia, I could put photos on Instagram account. Earlier my friends used to access my account, so it was a pretty inactive one. I just don't know how, but I thought of downloading 6 Tag. I thought it was just like other photo editing apps. But to my surprise, the photo that I uploaded went straight to the Instagram account! Since then, I upload 5 photos per day, on an average. I just cannot stop this Instagram-uploading activity of mine. Love it, like crazy. 
  2. 200 Likes on Facebook | I got 200 Likes on my blog's Facebook page. The initial days, you get quick likes for your page, but the toughest part is to increase likes, after you're done sending invites to your friend-list. I'm happy that 200 + people are a part of my Facebook page. And many of them are unknown to me. 
  3. Dad's Birthday | No matter if it was just a birthday of one of my favorite people in the world, but I really enjoyed it. Nothing special, no cakes, no balloons and no parties. Just a dine-out with my parents to a nearby restaurant, following with a street-ice-cream. I loved the day because my dad was going to go the next day to Shanghai, and I loved how perfectly his departure was marked a day AFTER his birthday! 
  4. Blog's 1 Month Anniversary | I did not celebrate the 1 month of my blog, but am glad, that I could maintain my blog for a month, without any hassles. The anniversary was on the 15th of October. 
  5. Presentation Competition | I was avoiding sir's eye-contact, because I was avoiding this competition. I was a total sucker at presenting in front of people. Not due to lack of confidence, but because of lack of English-speaking practice. Since I've grown in a Marathi background and with Marathi friends, I did not get the chance of speaking English (though my medium was English). I just spoke English while conversing with my teachers in school. Slowly, since my First Year, I can say, my English speaking skills have pretty much been good. Maybe my blog helped, or maybe I just don't know the reason, but yeah, getting a prize for PRESENTATION competition, was totally a dream to me. And I got it, so, perhaps I would be better next time. But this little prize is going to be the reason for the successes, in future, and I thank the judges for it!
  6. Realization | Realization about the things and people around me. Well, people aren't really a bin full of garbage, but yes, those people are for me. They might be jewels for someone else. Who knows?
  7. Planner 2014 | The planner that I bought new, of the year 2014, is already been used by me! I have already marked down the special dates (including birthdays and anniversaries). I am in love with my planner. Just cannot wait for the year to end! 
  8. DRESS | How can I not mention my lovely traditional dress that I bought for Diwali? It's out for alteration now, so once I get it back from the tailor, I'm gonna flaunt it on Diwali's first day (Stay tuned on my Instagram account for the photos. Check it out on the 2nd of November)! It's a parrot green with bold and beautiful design in dark blue. Pretty! 
  9. Six Subject Notebook | Well, I guess you know how dear it is to me. 
  10. 100 Followers on Instagram | Finally, after removing my security from the Instagram account, I have 100 followers. 
  11. Cleanliness | I'm loving how my blog inspires me to clean and organize things around me. Applying moisturizer on feet, was not at all my thing.

What are your favorite happenings of October '13?

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