Things to do before going to Bed

by - October 13, 2013

I'm not really a person who follows rituals every night, but would love to do all of these things, one fine night, and make it a habit, after that. But due to exams, projects and various other things, sleep is something which is forced to, and certainly not which is opted by me. My parents scold me to keep away my cellphone at 11, and then I get angry, and the whole night is disturbed.

ONE // Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing (CTM as I call it), is what is supposed to be done every night, without fail. Cleansing removes dirt, dust and makeup (also oils) from your face. It clears your face, magically. Toning helps to block the pores that get open while cleansing process. It, ideally, should be done with a cotton ball. Moisturizing, experts say, should be done by every person, before hitting the bed. It hydrates the skin. Though I never follow this CTM ritual, I had tried this for a month, but couldn't continue as I had taken a vacation and failed to do there.

TWO // Praying. I have never prayed to God before sleeping, but have seen my cousin sister do it. Every night, after sitting on bed, taking her blanket, she closes her eyes, joins her hands, and prays to God. I don't know how much it helps, but I definitely am sure, it must be giving her peaceful sleep.

THREE // Thinking about day's events, and thinking further, about the things you did wrong, and that they shouldn't be done again. Also, thinking about those things that made you smile throughout the day, and what was the cause behind it.

FOUR // Packing bag for the next day's office/college/school. My grandfather and my mom always told me to keep all the things ready for the next day. It includes your bag and clothes. I sometimes follow this, when I have a big day- like a presentation- the next morning. I also see to it that everything is inside my bag during exams (except on those nights I am too sleepy and tired reading textbooks, and marking down notes).

FIVE // Jotting down the next day's goals to be achieved. I don't do this for college, but definitely would do this once I get a job in a desirable firm. However, I follow this while writing down posts that need to be written the next day for the blog.

"If you smile before you sleep, you know that you are successful". Keep in mind, this beautiful quote, and work towards it.

What would you add? And what do you do?

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