Little Boxes for Storage

by - October 01, 2013

So while I was removing my wallet from my bag, I saw my little, cute tote, which was full of chillars (change) or the coins. And then I thought of posting how these little boxes can be great to store little things, and carry coins around town with ease.
These boxes appear cute, and are seriously of great help. I often need coins while I travel to college and back, so it was a must to carry them. But these naughty coins fell down from my wallet. So I used an extremely cute Mini Tote to carry the same.

This little tote is great to carry coins. The only fault in it, is that the tin material and the coins together, make noise while walking. So I put cotton inside the tote. And it appears as if there's an oyster shell with pearls inside.

This box came with the U-Pins. But I love how these tiny u-pins have a shelter for themselves. You can keep so many little things inside such a box.

These Kinder Joy (Kinder Toy) chocolates are one of my favorites! My uncle used to get them from Oman, and we used to eat so many of them. They used to have a yellow oval box (in the picture), and had chocolate film surrounding it, finally wrapped in a wrapper. I saved some of these yellow boxes, and used them to carry coins.
I used these boxes before I bought the tote. You can even put your earrings in them, and carry them while you're off to a place for festivals.

This box had ear-plugs inside them originally. I used it to store safety-pins, bobby-pins, and similar things.

I love collecting such boxes. There must be couple of more in the house.
Do you have similar boxes? Where do you keep coins?

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