A Box full of Stick-Notes

by - September 30, 2013

Stick-Notes are an essential part of study-material. They are useful, seriously, a lot. You just need to know their uses. I have a complete box of 'em. Take a look at how and when to use stick-notes-

The box has a pretty chocolate colored top, with golden polka dots, and a chocolate colored bottom. My dad gifted me chocolates in this one, on my 19th birthday. The chocolates and the box are from The Chocolate Room. My dad surprised me by coming home from Rajasthan, and gifted me these delicious chocolates, and this lovely box! I tried my best to put this box in to a useful way. I'd first thought of Makeup, but then, I hardly have any Makeup. I just apply the Makeup during occasions like Saree Day at college, or for Fresher's and Farewell parties (but yeah, I apply a dark line of kohl, daily).
So I thought of putting my collection of stick-notes, inside the box. And at last, the box is useful.

A peek inside the box.

These Polka Dotted stick-notes can be used for writing a short message on gifts. They are in Pink and Yellow color.

These regular thick stick-notes are available in any stationary store. They can be used for writing short messages on calendars, textbooks, computer sides, etc. They are in Orange and Pink color.

These Fancy stick-notes have halloween-ish  look on them. They can be used on special occasions.

These cute toony stick-notes can be used whenever you feel so. There are various sizes in this strip- thin, broad, and large.

The Side-It stick-notes are a cute way to bookmark or flag your pages. The pack is of a 20x4 sheets. The colors are- Pink, Yellow, Green and Blue.

These stick-notes are great to bookmark the pages in textbook, plus write something on them. E.g., Q1), Q2), etc.

These notes are again useful for bookmarking and writing short messages on them. They are available in darker shades.

Finally, a great place to keep my box, perfectly on the work top.

That was a looong list. Do you use stick-notes? 

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