Customizing Notepad

by - September 24, 2013

Do you ever feel like having good notepads, without spending much of your money?
Then here is a great way to decorate a simple white notepad, into a chic oneHere are the much-needed-steps-

1. Buy a plain white colored notepad (or use the one you have at home).
2. Gather all the necessary materials for the decoration. Here I have used sketch-pens, crayons, pencil, and a ruler.  (You can use other decorative materials like glitters, stickers, ribbons, bows, etc.)
3. Draw a rough draft of how you would want your notepad to be with a pencil. (You can skip this step if you can draw confidently at one go.)
4. Last step is to use your creativity, and customize your notepad! Good Luck!

TIP: If your notepad was used by someone else before you, then you can put a flag on the new fresh page you would be using (I have put a blue flag by Post-It). This will help you to check your notes faster. You can carry this notepad in your handbag, your back-pack, keep it near your study table, or it can be handy during your presentations too. 


How will you decorate it?

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