Drawing a Table/Chart

by - September 22, 2013

When you get a table to draw, how do you do it? Drawing a neat table/chart is very important. Following are some important tips while drawing a table/chart-

  1. Write the heading of the table in bold and big letters.
  2. Write sub-headings in medium sized letters.
  3. Let this decrease in the fonts continue till the last aspect of the chart.
  4. Draw straight lines to show the chart. The lines should preferably be drawn with a ruler. 
  5. Use different colours to write different elements.
  6. Draw the lines using a different colour.
  7. Choose a larger sheet of paper, to write the names of all the aspects, properly.
  8. Keep the chat properly in a place.

Here's a sample chart/table. I haven't used a ruler, here. Take a look. (I haven't followed few points that I have mentioned, but yet, the chart looks clean and tidy, and that's what is essential.)

 Any more points to add up?

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