Oil is good for Hair

by - September 27, 2013

Did you know that oiling hair is considered as nourishment in India? Oil is actually a compulsion in Indian homes. A daughter, or even a son, for that matter, is given the advice to apply oil before washing their hair. There is no such concept as ‘washing one’s hair without applying oil the night before’ in India. 

Though nowadays, the urban working women, or the youth, try to stay away from these oils, they still manage to oil their hair at least once in a week (mostly on Saturday nights). 

Oils improve the hair quality. They strengthen the hair strands and nourish the scalp. They help to fight dandruff and hair fall. The hair gets a smooth and healthy shine, plus they help in joining the split-ends.

The reason why Indians have longer and better hair is the magical hair oil!
In Indian villages, girls and women have oily hair throughout their lives. Even after washing their hair, they apply oil. And the result is, simply a-mazing! 

The oil used mostly on a wider basis is the coconut one. After applying it, one can literally feel the rich nourishment on their hair. Other oils used are hibiscus, almond, or castor (sometimes). Castor oil is believed to bring the hair back. It is applied on the babies’ hair for a good hair growth. 

Apply these oils and keep them overnight. Wash your hair the next day, and it will create wonders! Good Luck!                                            

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