Things that I Loved throughout // September

by - September 29, 2013

September has been good as well worst to me. And how can I not mention the death of my grandmother? She passed away on this 26th, and I miss her a lot. I remember her words and her dreams for us. I shall fulfil them, of course. Love her a lot, and miss her beyond words.

Thinking about the good things that happened to me this September, is a bit difficult of a task, as I don't recollect anything good happening to me, after my grandma's death.

Well still I tried harder to recollect the happenings...the good happenings.
1.    My Blog | The main reason I'm smiling now, after everything that has happened, is my blog. I revived it on the 15th of this month, and love every bit of it. 
2.    Followers | Within few days, I have 7 followers (including me, and 2 other people who claim that they are following me, but I just cannot see them there). Half of the people, who viewed my blog, do not have the idea about how to follow my blog. So I guess it is pretty okay.
3.    Page Views | I got 315+ page views on the 23rd of this month. After two days of just 60-70 page views, at last I got a boom of 315+ page views. I am very happy about that. 
4.    Family Love | Met my whole family again after just a month. But I was glad that they were there, to support each other, and to make each other smile beyond tears. 
5.    Dad's Return | Dad returned from Shanghai, and I love him so much! 
6.    Preppy Stationary | My preppy stationary that I discovered even more, from the old drawers, is what I'm loving, and will continue loving it, even after the month ends.
7.    Best Friends | Best Friends who stood by me, in my rough patch, love them a lot. 

I cannot think anything further. 


How was your September? What things did you love?

P.S. Sorry I couldn't post anything yesterday. I was out of town for my granny. 

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