Not-A-Presentation Day

by - September 20, 2013

I had presentation of Culture Studies the other day. However, my group members did not wish to present. I mean, they said that it was better if we did it some other day, because we weren't fully prepared. But then, me and Wrutuja-one of the group members-were of the thought that it was better if we finish up one task from our busy schedule, and present it that day.
So at last we thought of the presentation. However, other group members didn't turn up! We did not know what was to be done. So we asked sir, and he suggested to present without them. So with a heavy heart, we presented.
Later, we went for shoot of our pending short-film. And everything was fine, after that! Whew.

Oh, and yes, this is my U.S. Polo shopping bag, which I used to put my presentation papers inside, and the Jblues handbag, which I got as a present from my cousin, Pratik, for Raksha Bandhan.

How are your presentation days? Messed up, or pretty calm? 

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