How to Convert a Simple Notepad into a Self-customized Notepad

by - September 19, 2013

Okay, here's a simple method to convert an ordinary notepad into a notepad you can show your creativity onto. Here are steps that would help you in doing so-

  1.  Select a Notepad | Take any notepad which you wish to customize.

2. Open the Notepad | Open the notepad and keep it upside down. (The white side is the back side)

3. Tear | Tear the first page. In this case, I've torn the beige colored page. 

4. Turn | Turn the position of the back page as the front page, keeping the rough side in front (and the 

smooth side behind the rough one!)

5. Colour and Decorate | Use sketch-pens and other materials to decorate your notepad. Good Luck! 

Any query? Feel free to ask!

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