7 Tips for a Clear Face in Summer

by - September 16, 2013

I have so many tips for life. Here's one of them. 7 tips for clear skin in summer sun-

  1. Wash your Face | Wash your face whenever you feel like it's too oily and yuck! Experts say that there is a need to wash face after every two to three hours. But I recommend that if you stay in a super humid city like Mumbai, you must wash it after every hour! Because no matter how many times you wash your face, it tends to be oily, yet again! Use a face-wash that has the properties to remove oils off the skin, and that is suited for oily skin. Use a gel-based face-wash in summer, as the cream-based ones are only gonna further help in forming more oil on your skin. (Don't wash your face so much that it removes off the natural oil!)
  2. Use Tissues | Tissues or blotting papers are must. Blotting papers are available in drug stores. Dry tissues are important to suck the oils from your skin, and wet ones are useful to freshen up your face. I would always suggest you guys to use good quality wet tissues. Tissues are helpful in wiping the sweat and the dirt too! 
  3. Drink lots of Water | Oh no! Not again. You must have heard this line so many times! But trust me, water is really good for your skin and hair, too. It hydrates your skin and brings a healthy glow on your face. It also balances the pH value of your skin. It keeps you healthy and energetic. Summer sun is too harsh on your body, and sucks your glucose from you. So it is very, very must to keep a water bottle with you wherever you go. Experts say that drinking 8 glasses of water is required per day in order to bring back the nutrients and energy that is lost. So, just gulp it up! 
  4. Apply Sunscreen/Sunblock | Well, well, does it really help? The answer is, yes, of course! (At least the facts say so!) Sunscreen and sunblocks are different from each other. Sunscreen, as the name says is a 'screen' that is put on your face after the application. It just acts like a sheet of defence between your face and the sun. However, sunblock, 'blocks' the sun rays from hitting and harming your face. Indian summers are always strong, so I suggest you to use sunblock. And if you have an oily skin, use a gel formula. I use Lotus Herbals Safe Sun 'Sun Block Cream' for Indian Summer Formula, with PA++ UVA and SPF 30 UVB. I love this sunblock as it is the best for my skin. 
  5. Drink Lemon Juice/Coconut Water | Experts suggest to consume more of liquid than solid, in summer. Lemon juices, coconut water, Kokum juices, sugarcane juices and all the fruit juices, are a great way to stay healthy and happy in summer, with a bonus of glowing skin! 
  6. Wear Sunglasses | Ha! I don't think this should be told, right? Who doesn't wear sunglasses in summer? I wear it for the style matter more than the protection one (and I know, you guys do the same!) But, no, seriously, sunglasses prevent the harmful rays from harming your eyes; which means it also prevents from dark-circling your eyes. I currently use black RayBan and green Fastrack Aviators. 
  7. Cover your Face | Okay, I don't do this, but you guys should. Covering your face/head with a scarf or a cap is very good, in order to protect them from sun rays. I have two lovely caps that I use sometimes- white one from Nike, and blue coloured from Woodland. 
What additional things do you do/use than the ones I mentioned above? 

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