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by - September 25, 2013

Exam is almost here, and you have started fretting, already. So here are few tips that might help you overcome stress-

Before Exam preparation-

  1. Plan Things to Study | Exam is within a week or a month, and professors have started scaring you, already. This is the time when you can plan out things and make a schedule. Schedule can be written in your planner, or simply in a notebook. (I don't do this, as I start studying few days before the commencement of the exam!)
  2. Study | Studying depends on how quickly you can grasp things. Now, there are people who need to by-heart the notes, and there are some, who can just make it to the top by simply reading twice-once to know the things in the portion, and second time to know they've understood it all well. You need to decide yourself, in which category you fall (I am the latter), and study accordingly.
  3. Make Self-Notes | Make your own notes by writing all the necessary points. My mother always told me to write down things, to make the learning process easier. But I always neglected her. And now when I write down points, I can myself feel the difference. These self-notes are great when you study on the exam-day, few minutes before the supervisor yells at you to keep away your bags and books.
  4. Clear All the Doubts | This is a nerdy thing, but you need to do this. You need to ask your professors about all the doubts you have. Just carry a notepad, a textbook and a pen, and you're all ready. 
  5. Collect All the Notes | Once you're clear with the doubts, start collecting the notes from the people who sit for the lectures.
  6. Don't Fret | It's very necessary-Don't Fret. It's just an exam. Keep calm, and follow the tips. Go to professors to clear your doubts, and don't be stressed out.

One Day Before the Exam preparation-

  1. Study Properly | It's better to study properly, than fret later. Choose a proper time to study, and see to it, that there is peace around.
  2. Write Down Points | While studying, you can add points to the self-notes that you already have made. If there is no space remaining for a topic, use index cards to write points. 
  3. Refer to Dictionary | Keep a dictionary next to you, so that you actually know what you're reading. Plus, it hardly takes any of your time. 
  4. Write Important Meanings | Don't just read the meanings, but write them down as well. I have made a personal 'mini-dictionary'. I write down meanings that I read. I have made it alphabetically. 
  5. Don't Leave anything for 'Option' | This is the worst thing any student can do. Leaving hard topics in Option is like putting yourself in the stress-zone even further. Better is to study everything (if not study, at least read it once).
  6. Drink Lots of Water | If you are a night person (that is, if you study at nights), then drinking lots of water is must. It keeps you hydrated and calm while you study. Plus, you don't look over-stressed or over-sleepy on the exam day. My brother had told me once, "Drink lots of water, if you're going for a sleepover at your friend's place."
  7. Use Fun Ways to Study | Aha! This one point is my favorite. This point is the base of my blog. Use fun things like index cards, fine liners, highlighters, pencils, pens, flags, stick-notes, etc. Trust me, this is a fun way to study. 
  8. Index Cards | Use index cards to write the quick-points
  9. Highlighters | Highlight things where necessary (don't use highlighters on a second-hand book!)
  10. Self-Notes | Go through your self-notes, and keep them, as if they are your wealth. Be a miser. 
  11. Eat Healthy | Eat nutritious food, as eating unhealthy can be harmful for your overall health, plus it can give you a bad tummy. Also, you need stamina to write a three hours paper!
  12. Sleep Properly | I know, sleeping properly is not possible during exams. But still, give it a try at least. 
  13. Keep your Phone Aside | If you are a phone-addict, I'm sorry, but you need to keep it away, any how. I don't follow this point, as my cellphone helps me with notes. 
  14. Don't Fret | Once again, do not fret. Keep calm. 

Exam Day preparation-

  1. Carry All the Necessities | When your mother asks you if you have taken everything, don't yell back at her. Check again and again if you are missing on anything. Necessities can be your pens (more than two), pencils, sharpeners, lead-box, long scale, etc. Please don't forget your HALL-TICKET. (For a detailed version of the necessities, click here- Essentials for Exam.)
  2. Carry a Water Bottle | Carry water with you to hydrate yourself during exam. Plus if it's summer, then you will need it to quench your thirst.
  3. Last Minute Study | For some people, last minute study gives stress, for some, it doesn't. So decide yourself and study accordingly. 
  4. Self-Notes | Carry your self-notes for a quick glance before the exam.
  5. Washrooms | Oh yes. You need to visit the washroom once before you start your paper. Because if it's a lengthy one, and you need to go urgently, then you might start thinking what to do while writing the paper. 
  6. Watch | Carry a watch, as it helps you to write properly in time. Plus you don't need to ask the supervisor again and again. 

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