Essentials for Exam

by - September 26, 2013

Exam is not a walk in the malls. You need to be very particular about it. Making sure you carry all the things is important. If you ask me what the essentials are, I would name these-

1. Pencils | Pencils or the pen-pencils are must. As no matter if you have a theory paper, you still never know when you need them. Sometimes, they might ask 'Distinguish Between', and you would be worrying, and asking for a pencil and a ruler. So they're really important.
2. Handkerchief | It is required to wipe off the sweat during summers (or even to wipe your tears if you are weeping because you don't know the answers).
3. Eraser | Eraser is required to rub off the extra lines that you have drawn for the distinguish or diagrams.
4. Watch | A watch is required to keep in check the time before, as well as while writing the paper. I always ask teacher the time in between. So it is better to carry one, of yours. Watch helps you to manage time. You know exactly where you are, and how much yet you have to write in the remaining time. Plus, you can manage time like this- 10 minutes for 5 marks question and so on.
5. Self-Notes | Self-Notes are must for the before exam study (quick study).
6. Pens | Carry minimum two pens. These pens should have full ink, ideally. Carry similar ink coloured pens.
7. Sharpener | Sharpeners or lead boxes for the backup.
8. Water | Water bottle to quench your thirst, and keep you hydrated.
9. Ruler | Big/small ruler to draw lines and keep the paper well organized.

And, Hall Ticket or Identity Card.

What things do you carry?


PS- All the images have been taken from the net, and are not clicked by me.

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