Extra Things You Might Need While Studying

by - September 17, 2013

Extra things that you might need while you are studying-

1. Thin stick notes | Thin stick notes come in handy when you want to use a flag for a particular section, but need to write something on the ‘flag’ as well. I use these pretty colours to bookmark the important answers that lie on a particular page, and write ‘A1, A2, A3’ (Answer 1, Answer 2, Answer 3) on them. This make me know where exactly my answers to the given ‘question banks’ are. 
2. Broad stick notes | These come handy when I have to write a certain message on a chapter. Mostly the messages that it contain are ‘Read again’, ‘Tough’, ‘Answer in notes’, and so on. (Find more stick notes, here- A Box full of Stick Notes.)
3. Mini triangular highlighters | My elder brother brought this amazing stuff  from his university library in the UK. There are three colours inside- green, pink and yellow. It is great to keep this somewhere near your desk, as you can use different colours to highlight different things according to the importance. E,g., Pink for highly important lines, green for the lesser important, and yellow for the least. 
4.  Highlighter Highlighters are a great way to mark important lines. There are various colours available in the market. I just bought a pink one! 5.  Glue stick Just in case your stick notes are too crazy to stick, and have lost its adhesiveness, then you can use a glue-stick to stick that damn not-so-sticky stick-notes! 6. Pen-pencils’ leads Once you are out of lead of the pencil you are using, you can just use one from this little box. 7. Staples | They are needed for ‘stapling’ papers together, especially your self-notes.8. Pencils They are required to underline important lines in the text book, that you don’t want to highlight.9. Sketch-pens | Sketch pens are needed to write important things. If you don’t wanna spend on colourful pens, you can use these. They work much the similar way as the colourful pens, only that they a bullet sort of nip.10. Pens | Keep extra pens, just in case, your favourite one is lost somewhere!
11. Flags | Flags by Post-It are a good way to bookmark your pages. They can be used while reading a   novel, too! Good Luck! 

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